Autocad Course in Lahore


The industrial development is dedicated to the continuous development and the improvement in the industrial and construction mechanisms. Thanks to the industry for the development of the software, AutoCAD, which enhances the concept of the digitalization of the designing, manufacturing and map making for the construction.

The AutoCAD is the software which is used to make the detailed 2D and 3D designs and drawing for the machinery, the construction sites, auto vehicles and even the electronic appliances. The AutoCAD has made the drawing and the designing of the mechanical composition so easier that a drawing which used to take weeks to draw, can be drawn in few minutes time and with extreme accuracy.

This newer branch of software has opened many venues for the AutoCAD experts. These are high in demand not only in the industry but also in the construction field. Especially, the architectural and the engineering firms are always in the search of the highly skilled, trained and expert professional AutoCAD designers.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for students who have little or no knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Students who want to make a career in engineering design
  • Students of Architecture
  • Students who want to learn a CAD package for their own or professional use

The Assistance in the Practical Training is the Best Part of our Training Programs

The base of our training philosophy is the global approach to the training that the adult trainees learn by doing. When the trainees come to our place for the registration, they have many questions in their minds, few of which are about the practical approach to the training and practical learning.

Few training techniques, we follow, to enhance your practical experience, are:

  • Start form the first day, and immediately after the installation of the software in your computers, the practical assistance will start.
  • Our training sessions revolve around the practical guidance to run the AutoCAD in the training rooms and even outside the training room.
  • Right from the day one at the training session, we will divide the class in to different groups and the teams and the practical projects will be assigned to each of the team.
  • The team work and the group task will be appraised by the trainer, on the session basis, the weekly basis and even at the end of the whole training program.
  • The evaluation for the final assignment of the certification will be based upon the evaluation of the assigned projects by the trainer and the training participants, jointly.
  • The Live Projects; an advanced training technique is the hub for our each AutoCAD training classes.
  • Training sessions for the AutoCAD course in Lahore at PNY Training are famous for the group learning methodology in Lahore.
  • As our trainees come from different walks of industry and with different industrial experience, our trainers with vast experience in the different industry venues, help them to become industry leaders by excelling in acquiring the AutoCAD skills.
  • As AutoCAD learning stretches from the construction designing to the industrial designing, the collective professional skills make our trainees gain a wide spectrum of experience and knowledge.
  • When the different skills collaborate with each other and infuse with each other, what becomes is a beautiful skilled trainee which has high demand in the industry.

These are the major highlights of the course

  • Most comprehensive AutoCAD course online with 180+ video lectures
  • All lesson files included
  • New features of AutoCAD 2018 and 2019 version included
  • Taught by certified AutoCAD professional
  • Practice drawing and projects module included
  • Advance topics like sheet set, dynamic block and many other are included too
  • Auto generated closed captioning included in every video (generated by Udemy)

How the Atutocad Training at the PNY Training will enhance your Professional Demand in the Industry?

When new trainees will come to join and register in the training course of the PNY Training, they will have many thoughts in their minds. As the AutoCAD at the PNY Training is the first such training program in the city of Lahore, we assure you that you will enjoy the following benefits while you will be getting training at the PNY Training.

  • This program is designed for those who are industry professional but need a significant enhancement in the practical experience and the best working knowledge.
  • Newbies wanting to proceed in the carrier as architects, engineers and designers
  • Our first aim is to make you industrial professional in the shortest possible time. The 2 month training program time is the minimum in the industry to learn AutoCAD which is conducted twice in the week and with each session of two hours.
  • You will find our trainers, equipped with the best and up to date training techniques which are required to train for AutoCAD, the advanced and highly sophisticated software.
  • Our training norms are always newer and different from those prevalent in the industry.
  • One prominent and the most outstanding feature of our training programs is the extensive question and answer sessions which are a unique feature in the industry. Actually, we believe in Aristotle method of teaching by question answer technique.
  • Being the highly trained and well aware of the current and up to date changes in the AutoCAD learning in particular and other software in general, our trainers seldom follow the strict course line.
  • As our trainers are industry leaders, they may change the training material and procedures at any time during the AutoCAD course foreseeing the upcoming features or changes to ensure you always learn latest methods and tools
  • The continuous increase in our satisfied and successfully trained students is the evident of the confidence of the industry upon our training programs.

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