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  • Total Course Duration: 5 Months

Total Course Credit Hours: 100

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Learn Online Marketing by Doing, SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Email Marketing, Social Media, Google Analytics, Adwords & More

In Year 2019, International Telecommunication Union (ICU) claimed that there are almost 3.2 billion people of global population currently are Online (almost half of the world’s total current population), i.e. are using Internet. In addition to it, estimations are there that 2.77 billion Internet users also use the social media. These figures are attracting the attention of the business world and the marketing people to focus upon usage of the Internet for Online marketing. So, the bright and the well aware marketing people and entrepreneurs are diverting more and more attention, resources, time and funds to the marketing Online.

With the advent of Internet and emergence of social media, the marketing efforts to work upon Internet are increasing but still slackness is felt in such efforts. This is due to the acute shortage of marketing people who are highly skilled in digital marketing. This shortage has caused a sharp demand for digital marketing people. This phenomenon is directly related to the gigantic hike in the salaries and the wages for the digital marketing people.

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Following its traditions, WorkWise Trainings, Lahore has introduced a compact and comprehensive digital marketing Expert Course at WorkWise Training, Lahore – which is first of its kind in Pakistan – to launch the following walks of marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimizations
  2. Facebook Marketing
  3. Earning by uploading videos upon YouTube
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media marketing
  6. Analysis of the Google Analytics and its application
  7. Working effectively with Google Ad words
  8. And More

As many of our students have constraint of time, but still they need comprehensive courses to start their career in the digital marketing, we have designed a new course which is aimed at to facilitate the students to learn many marketing techniques in just one training course. This course is a first of its kind, not only in Town, but also in Pakistan, offering such a huge compilation of comprehensive skills to work Online to earn a handsome amount of earning. The objectives, kept before the eye, are mentioned below.


While designing and launching the Digital Marketing Expert Course, following objectives were kept in view:

  • To develop a badge of the trainees who are expert in all the fields of digital marketing
  • To develop a team of industry leaders who can lead all types of digital marketing leaders departments
  • To prepare the leaders who can draw maximum outcome from the different digital marketing endeavors and campaigns
  • To get the highest return from the digital marketing campaigns for the company


This training course is designed to provide the following opportunities to the new entrants to the Certified Digital Marketing Expert Course:

  1. Bright chances to become industry leaders in the shortest possible time
  2. To learn a lot to achieve the status of the industry leaders minimum possible time
  3. To earn the highly recognized global certification
  4. To become a highly paid digital marketing person


  • No previous marketing or IT related qualification needed
  • No exposure or previous marketing experience in the industry
  • Thrill or desire to excel in the digital marketing field is however needed
  • Desire to get leadership status in digital marketing
  • What is ultimately needed is; enthusiasm to learn?


  • The youngsters
  • The newbies in the IT field
  • Marketing professionals
  • The leaders in IT industry in all types of jobs
  • Students of marketing sciences
  • Students of IT and computer related jobs
  • Sales and marketing representatives and executives
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • All other professionals, such as, HR, finance and so on


The core modules in this Certified Digital Marketing Expert Course are mostly related to the marketing, such as:


Starting from the very basics to the advanced, following steps will be taught in details during the digital marketing course:

  • Definition and the basic of the Digital marketing terms, its general usage, different programs
  • Introduction and the explanation of the different marketing channels to run Online marketing
  • Identifying the customer needs and requirements
  • How to satisfy the customer needs and requirements about the specific product or information
  • Explanation about the Google search and its different algorithms
  • The social media channels
  • How to market and advertise by applying email
  • How to develop the material to attract to our product line, our services or the cause

Before teaching digital marketing, the detailed introduction, explanation and its following skills will be taught to the students:

  • Definition and Introduction to the marketing research
  • Importance of the marketing research for the links to the producers, sellers or marketers
  • Identification of the customers and end users in order to provide them the right information
  • Identification of the marketing needs of the Online customers and their specific marketing needs, requirements, opportunities and problems
  • How to generate, refineand evaluate customer related marketing actions?
  • How to monitor marketing performance?
  • How to evaluate, understandand discoverthe customer needs and to quench their needs?

Before the start of the detailed instruction about digital marketing, following preliminary introduction to the website creation and the WordPress (the platform to develop the blogs and the ecommerce sites) will be taught as following:

  • What is WordPress?
  • How to create the websites using the WordPress?
  • The different parts of the website
  • The strong correlation between the digital marketing and the website
  • How to use the different parts of the website and the ecommerce site to promote the digital marketing?
  • How to write and develop the best and highly attractive material to appeal to the customer and to make the website at the top of the search engines?
  • Introduction to the search engine optimization (SEO)
  • The importance and the job of the SEO expert
  • How the different strategies and techniques are applied to make the websites a search engine friendly
  • Different algorithms, offered and set by Google and other search engines
  • Different SEO strategies, such as, white hat, black hat or the grey hat SEO and how to work with them
  • What is the benefit of the top ranking of website upon search engines?
  • How the SEOs work to get website to top of search engines?

We will include SEM, as well, in addition to many others, in the search engine marketing course:

  • What is SEM?
  • How the search engine marketing is done?
  • What are the search engine result pages and how they are ranked?
  • What is paid advertisement and how it is done?
  • Role of paid advertising in search engine marketing
  • How the search engine marketing can be boasted with the help of the paid advertising?
  • The advertising entities and how to get their help?

As major emphasis of the digital marketing expert course is upon social media, detailed teaching will be conducted about the social media, such as:

  • The introduction to the social media and its importance
  • Details of different social media channels and their importance for social media marketing
  • How the social media is applied to advertise and market?
  • How the different strategies are adopted for marketing and advertisement upon social media?
  • How to develop and interlink the social media channels with the websites and ecommerce sites?
  • How written and geographical material is developed for social media?
  • Different methods to market and advertise with help of email
  • How the emails are used to contact directly with the customer to extend the message of marketer to customer?
  • Three marketing methods to use the emails to market and advertise:
    • To send direct marketing or advertisement message through email
    • To induce the customer by email visit website, ecommerce site or the social media site to see the displayed marketing message
    • To display marketing message right in email

This part of course is about the concept of developing the super blogging which is explained like this:

  • What is super blogging?
  • Characteristics of super blogging and how to identify super blog?
  • The norms and skill needed to make and run super blogging
  • How super blogging can help in marketing?
  • Role of super blogging in marketing and advertising
  • What are Google algorithms and how the super blogging is impacted upon by Google algorithms and industry norms?
  • Which blogs are treated as the super blogs?

At this stage, the display marketing comes with following points which will be taught in course:

  • What is display marketing?
  • Forms of display marketing
  • Different types of display marketing and ads:
    • Website header ads
    • Banner ads
    • Rich media
    • Other types of display advertisement
  • How different geographical material is developed for display advertisement?
  • Development of images, audio and visual materials for the display advertisement
  • How paid advertisements work upon websites and social media?

This is a very important part of course in which we will train trainees about following:

  • Importance of smartphones and other mobile devices for marketing
  • Introduction to mobile marketing and advertisement and its different methods
  • Display of advertisements upon mobile friendly sites
  • Display of messages by SMS
  • Attraction to websites with mobile marketing campaign

The introduction to YouTube and its due importance for marketing is very important part of course in which following topics will be covered:

  • Different methods to advertise on YouTube
  • How videos are made to advertise marketing material upon YouTube?
  • The method to display advertisement with video
  • Paid advertisement upon YouTube
  • How to divide funds among different advertisement channels at YouTube?

This is a vital part of marketing endeavor which is explained and students are trained for:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Characteristics of Online content marketing
  • How to write content for websites and social media?
  • Writing of content for videos, blogs and social media
  • How to develop brand loyalty and website ranking with help of higher quality content?
  • How to get best results from content marketing?

The students will be trained about Online reputation management with details to these points:

  • Definition and explanation of Online reputation management (ORM)
  • The detailed explanation of Online communication or the mutual conversation in between customer and corporate advertiser
  • Strategies and techniques to achieve Online reputation management
  • How the search engines are impacted with right type of material while searching for some information at the search engines
  • How to make balances by counteracting misleading trends and by allowing you to forward your cause of the message

This part is about Google Analytics in which you will be taught the followings:

  • Some facts about Google and its monopolizing position about search engines
  • Different google algorithms about search engines
  • Tools developed and offered by Google for analyzing website statistics
  • How to analyze and apply statistical data about websites and incoming traffic

The training of affiliate marketing and its different attributes will be discussed in this part of course:

  • What is affiliate marketing and how it works?
  • How to sell products or services Online to earn a handsome amount?
  • How to search such products or services which are available Online for sale?
  • How to get registered for different affiliate marketing programs?
  • Different sources to sell products by applying your own websites or social media

The most important part of Online marketing course is freelancing. The following points will be discussed and taught in course:

  • What is freelancing?
  • How freelancing is conducted to earn a handsome living?
  • The channels or sources to work upon for freelancing
  • How to create high quality material for freelancing?
  • What is definition of high quality content and how it is developed?
  • Benefits of freelancing for Online marketers

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