Social Media Marketing Course in Lahore


Get enroll to the effective social media marketing course to learn everything from start to end to design and run an effective social media marketing campaign to get action oriented results. The social media marketing training enable you earn a handsome amount of money through the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. The social media marketing course is designed by industry experts to provide social media best practices that are equally benefited to IT professionals and students as well. Our real world proven social media marketing techniques are made to pave the way to the ultimate success for our students.

In this cutthroat competitive business environment everyone is in hurry to defeat their competitors. That’s the reason; every business organization in the world is looking for effective social media marketing strategies that provide healthy ROI and enhance its brand popularity at major social media platforms. You will learn how to fulfill the expectations of such companies by running an effective social media campaign. Social media marketing training Lahore course is designed to meet the organizational need to get relevant customers from social media sites for their brand popularity and to increase their leads.


WorkWise Trainings

WorkWise Trainings is proud to have a team of skilled, experienced and dedicated social media marketers & trainers to train our students. Our students are trained by industry experts who are working professionals in the SMO industry. They share their practical experience during lectures instead of telling stories from predefined material on internet. They provide information on real time situations of their running projects to give better understandings of social media marketing strategies and their best usage. Following are some of the major distinguished points that make us your best choice while choosing the best institute:

  • Result Oriented Social Media Training Course
  • Action Oriented Approach to Get Measurable Results
  • Well Designed Course to Enhance your Knowledge
  • The Training Course Designed to Achieve the Goal Beyond the Success
  • Social Media Strategies to Leverage the Noted Online Visibility
  • 20 Class Modules Designed by Industry Experts
  • Sophisticated & Effective Social Media Strategies to run a Campaign
  • Social Media Strategies to Enhance Brand Popularity
  • Cheapest Enrollment Fee
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Student


A sensible organization cannot neglect the importance of a platform with the 1.1 billion active users. Yes! We are talking about Facebook and its best use for the promotion of the online stuff. All the top rated competitive companies are on the Facebook with their Facebook marketing campaign. Keep in the mind everyone doesn’t get the same results from their campaign because of correctly setup of their Facebook marketing campaign error free. A company cannot expect the desire results if the campaign was not run by the social media marketing experts. The Facebook marketing training course launched by WorkWise Trainings covers each every aspect that is essential to provide measurable targeted results in the specified period of time.


Our course outline better defines our approach to social media marketing and our level of training. Moreover, this outline is not confirmed or static. Our course outline always remain dynamic and ever changing as per social media platforms’ policies so that we may provide the best possible learning experience to our students.

  • Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategies for Social Media
  • Social Medial & SEO
  • How to Set Up Social Targets
  • Mobile Integration to the Social Media Marketing
  • Fundamentals of LinkedIn
  • Fundamentals of Twitter
  • Fundamentals of Instagram
  • Fundamentals of Google Plus
  • Social PR
  • Fundamentals of Pinterest
  • Search Ranking and Brand Popularity with G+
  • Pinterest Promotions
  • Facebook Marketing & its Major Elements
  • Understanding Social Media Tools and The Best Usage
  • Brand Advocacy Strategies with Social Media
  • Value Measurement of Social Media Marketing
  • B2B Social Visual Story Management with Instagram
  • Brand Popularity on Pinterest
  • Deep Analysis of Facebook Insights
  • Strategies to Improve ROI using Social Media
  • LinkedIn Engagement Strategy
  • Community Building on Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy for Manufacturer


Facebook is the best place for advertisers to reach their targeted audience to enhance their business sales. The user data provided by Facebook to advertise your company is excellent and useful. This data helps companies to reach their buyers in the region they want and the demography they choose. The Facebook advertising training course designed by WorkWise Trainings social media marketing experts pave your ways to run ads campaign in the full swing that provide excellent results in a very limited finance. For the successful facebook advertising campaign, you need to reach your targeted audience, on the targeted place on the right time. You will learn the following points in the professional course launched by WorkWise Trainings

  • Optimizing the Ad Strategies on Facebook
  • Measuring the Campaign Results & Ad Success
  • Creating the Ad & Launching Campaign
  • ROI Measurement and Reporting


Facebook has become one of the best brand popularity platforms for the all types of business in the world. You can see the ads of almost every type of companies on Facebook widgets. The companies targeting the world for future never miss this huge platform. The Facebook advertisement has become the essential business promotion need for the existing and new business entities. The course is designed to provide a practical approach to design, implement and monitor the Facebook marketing campaign in the guidance and supervision of industry experts.

If you are yourself a brand owner and looking to run or monitor your Facebook marketing campaign like an expert, enroll in our Facebook advertising training course. Even if your Facebook marketing campaign is being run by an online company, you still need to get this training. You will be able to better understand the campaign and measure the results of the campaign. Following are some of the major course highlights for Facebook marketing campaign:

  • Understanding the Brand Marketing Campaign
  • The Major Types of Facebook Ads
  • What are Facebook Premium Ads
  • Choosing The Target Region & Audience
  • Creation of Facebook Marketing Content
  • Cost Analysis & Management
  • Tips & Tricks

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